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My name is Jayne and predominantly my career has been working in management positions along and progressing into education and training where I worked alongside a team of people training apprentices to be as efficient in their role as possible.

Through my career I have been able to work alongside my passion which is and has always been IT and how this infrastructure works. To which this drove me to understand and influence the businesses that I worked with, this lead to understanding and improving Google rankings and the online efficiency of the business. 

Im ready for a challenge, and if you are looking to make your online business grow, lets work together

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I am a strong believer that if you work smart and work hard, then you will be able to reap what you sow and make a network. Money does help pay the bills but success builds a brand


I want to be able to build a network of businesses who can promote my brand and my name and be confident that when working together you will be able to get the best results possible.


If its not broken, dont fix it. All of the offers that I have are unique to each individual that I work with and equally are able to be affordable for each and every business for this exact reason. I work with you every step of the way