Getting Started with a website

Theres so many things that you need to take into account when you are starting up a website.

  • who is it for?
  • what is it going to do?
  • who will see it?

to be honest, the questions can be endless, although when you have your answers you are definitely ready to start making your website.

Starting a website doesn’t have to be a mountain of a task, it can be case of taking your answered questions and putting them on a word document and believe me, when I say that every web designer will ask if you have content. You do because you have answered your own questions, for anyone thats huge.

When you are ready, lets talk, we can talk about:

  • the content – do you know what you want your website to say?
  • the image – do you know what you want it to look like?
  • the audience – how do you want people to see it
  • the pitch – are you selling a product or service / informing people

included within each of these are the essential foundations to any website. You will need to have a brief outline of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.

Lets Talk. put pen to paper and produce an amazing marketing strategy that is right for your business

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