Working Together

Theres a couple of things that I have been thinking about and how to document them properly, so they are fluid and transparent enough to ensure that people can do what they need to do and all sides are singing off the same page.

When I was in a managerial role, I loved knowing the ins and outs of everything before making a decision, so with this in mind. Before we agree to work together theres some things that we will need to discuss or rather me tell you about my services.

Once we have had a discussion and you are happy with how we can move forward then we can look at moving your business online. If you already have a website that you need to be updated or changed, thats fine. If you are looking for social media support, thats fine too. Without the initial discussion of what you need it will be very difficult to be able to help you and your business move forward in the way that you need it too.

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